Toni-Ann Singh Gets New Hairstyle; Silk Press With Coloured Clip-Ins – Watch Video

Former beauty queen winner of the Miss World 2019 pageant competition, Toni-Ann Singh has decided to change up her looks by getting a new hairstyle.

Known for her natural, thick, loose curls, the Next To Me singer tries a new look by opting for the popular silk press. A silk press is a straightening method that uses heat to press out curls without the addition of chemicals and usually lasts for a minimum of one to two weeks with proper care, or until water touches the hairstyle.

The video of Singh’s silk press process was posted to Instagram by the salon she went to, NLPro HAIR CO. & Salon Studio, and has received over 18 thousand likes and a thousand reshares on the platform.

In the video, Singh is shown in a deep v plain blue dress sitting in a salon chair with her hair in her regular loose curls. The video shows the process of the up-and-coming artiste getting her hair washed, blow-dried, and then pressed with a flat iron to get its desired look.

With her collaboration with Popcaan, Next To Me, playing in the background, the hairstylist is heard stating that, “We silk pressed her and she had a blunt bang cut so I went in and tapered that off with layers on the front.” To finish the look, instead of dye, brunette clip ins were added to give the hairstyle some colour and then the hair was curled.

Watch the video below:

Admiring Singh’s hairstyle and her stunning beauty, someone commented, “Can Toni try not to be so cute for once?!!😢😢😢😢 It’s so distracting and I’m tryna focus on the hairstyle…,” and another person wrote, “My son asked if she is a doll 😂😂.”

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