Popcaan Takes Toni-Ann Out For Dinner on Her 27th Birthday – Watch Video

During an Instagram Live on Wednesday, February 1, dancehall deejay Popcaan went live so that he could wish his girlfriend Toni-Ann Singh a happy birthday. Singh, the Jamaican beauty queen who won Miss World 2019 was born on February 1, 1996 hence she is now 27 years old

The Next To Me entertainer admitted to having issues with going Live on his own Instagram account as he was temporarily blocked from the feature, and that he used Toni Ann’s account to broadcast his message while they had dinner.

He stated, “today a Toni Ann Birthday…mi want unnuh wish Toni Ann a happy birthday. It’s love, it’s life, it’s happiness,” to which she commented, “on my birthday I’m happy to be surrounded by so much love and support…”

Toni Ann also thanked God for all the things that she has received and needs to be grateful for. She stated that she is not someone who is big on celebrating birthdays, but that she has had a good year and was in the mood to celebrate.

A video circulating on YouTube which not only showcased the moment they went Live but also a clip from a party that was held for the former Miss Jamaica, saw Popcaan giving a brief speech dedicated to Singh. In the video he said, “I would like to take this opportunity to wish Toni Ann a happy birthday. I would like to say more life…” before breaking out into a short performance of his song My Type.

When the deejay said, “tight pu**y gal calm down yourself,” Singh walked off to applause and cheers with a smile on her face.

In the latter part of the YouTube video, posted by STREETBANGER ENT, Popcaan was heard complaining that as soon as he released his album he was temporarily blocked from Instagram.

He stated, “them temporarily block me. As me album drop them temporarily block mi Instagram from go Live, move off man! and stop fight ghetto youths, get away.” He ended with telling viewers to stream the Great Is He album.

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Watch the full video below: