Popcaan Releases “Great Is He” Album – Listen Tracks

Friday, January 27, 2023, 12:13 PM GMT-5

Popcaan’s highly anticipated Great Is He album has finally been released after months of waiting. The project, comprised of 17 tracks, features five songs that were released before the album’s debut and twelve new songs that hit streaming platforms hours ago.

Among the 12 new tunes is St. Thomas Native, a collaboration with prominent dancehall artiste Chronic Law, that has received over 16000 views and 3.5k likes on YouTube. The song reflects on Popcaan’s upbringing in poverty compared to the life he is presently living, which is well-accomplished. The 876Gud artiste tells everyone, “A nuting mi a come from but look pan mi now,” while he and Chronic Law talk about his “greatness.”

While St. Thomas Native briefly touched on his charm with the ladies, he continued the topic of his desires in his Aboboyaa collaboration with afro beats singer Burna Boy. Aboboyaa, currently at 1.7k likes with over 13,000 views on YouTube, is a song for the ladies where both entertainers profess their affections. Popcaan describes a beautiful, curvaceous woman, and he tells her, “Mi wah yuh ride pan mi AboboyaaMi gi yuh anything weh you wah.”

Another song for the ladies on the album is Cry Fi Yuh Body, which takes a raunchier approach while slowing it down on his next track, Popcaan talks about a woman being his “destiny” in Teach Me. Meanwhile, New Benz talks about Popcaan having a new car and a new girl while delivering some gangster lyrics. Next is Wish No Bad, a song directed to the haters who are praying for his downfall, but he never wishes them any harm.

Popcaan speaks of his gratitude, which he says is something others lack, in his song Appreciation. The Family singer touches more on his background in his track Past Life and talks about the lives lost in his song Memories. In the song 11th Commandment and Defeat The Struggle, he talks about loyalty to friends and family. Lastly, he boasts about his riches and the various expensive brands he wears in the song entitled Freshness.

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The five songs previously released are Great Is He from one week ago, We Caa Done featuring Drake from three weeks ago, Set It from one month ago, Next to Me featuring Toni-Ann Singh from one month ago, and Skeleton Cartier in March 2022.

Listen to Popcaan’s St. Thomas Native featuring Chronic Law below:

Listen to Popcaan’s Aboboyaa featuring Burna Boy below:

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