Tony Matterhorn and Pink Panther Ready for the Next Verzuz Clash

The Verzuz clash between Bounty Killer and Beenie Man was such a huge success that persons are wondering if the next scheduled clash between Tony Matterhorn and Pink Panther,  will be just as good and if it will be supported as much as the previous one.

In a recent interview Matterhorn said he believes it will be getting a lot of attention as he and Pink Panther are very popular already and they have fans in many places around the world and he believes their fans will be online watching the clash just like the clash that happened before.


“Death in the Arena” is the name of the upcoming clash and it means the world to Matterhorn, he says he is in war mode, ready to take his career to the next level. He believes the real clash fans from the US, Japan, Europe, Africa, Central America and other places will definitely be watching.

Both Matterhorn and Pink Panther are recognized professionals and Matterhorn says Pink Panther had 9 lives and he has been beaten more than 9 times in the past and it seems as though Panther is regenerating lives, so he needs to beat the life out of him so there will be no more clash.

The clash will be online next weekend.

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