Tony Matterhorn Diss-Up Fan Who Said He’s “Ungrateful To Bounty Killer”

While fixing up his Christmas tree, Tony Matterhorn Was drawn out by a enthusiastic fan who wrote “Matterhorn yuh Ungrateful To Bounty Killer” on his live. A very upset Matterhorn went on to tell the fan about her mother and all sort of unpleasant words. On the other hand Tony Matterhorn’s wife “Bella” was there saying in the background “that’s hold news”, last year news that. Tony seemingly later delete the Person from his live.

Tony Matterhorn then went on to Decorate His Christmas Tree and interact with other fans.

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Nikki Bell
A mi you mus com dis so mi can tell u bout you woman tendencies!! KMT People the back and forth rubbish these artiste do “ blah , blah, Blah” Grown ass ignorance just men going back and forth over foolishness ( cuss like woman) why bother respond about the Bounty comment and give it Life ? Why bother ? everyone has there right to an opinion #ungrartefultobountykiller Newsflash to all artists the crowd does not give a damn!’ You want to grandstand and speak & relevance why the hell yall don’t use y’all platform and speak on“NIDS” Do half… Read more »
Angus Benn

Dance Hall culture need more love. What about sting. The Artists killed it. One of the best Reggae show an earth.