Tony Matterhorn Disses Bounty Killer and Speaks on Ongoing Drama With Wife – Watch Video

Seeking to clear the air, Tony Matterhorn has spoken out about the publicised fallout between him and his wife, Shanice “Bella” Taylor. While Matterhorn made sure to point out that he would not disrespect his wife, the veteran selector had a few choice words for dancehall artiste Bounty Killer, who recently spoke out about him.

As he did not wish to speak about his personal life, Matterhorn said that the public would never hear the full story from his side. Contrary to claims made by Taylor that he had abandoned her and their child, the Dutty Wine deejay clarified that he was not a “deadbeat” father and would give his last to his children.



Matterhorn expressed that he would never demean any of the mothers of his children but was prepared to put Bounty Killer on blast for recently mentioning him. In an interview, Bounty laughed at and denied Matterhorn’s declarations that he was responsible for Vybz Kartel’s rise to fame.

Matterhorn said Bounty had been speaking about him despite the fact that they were not friends and did not like each other. Matterhorn shared that he was not quite ready to deal with Bounty but expressed that he would not shy away from addressing any “badmind p**sy” like the artiste.

The selector went on to warn that whenever he and the deejay see each other, he is going to “iron him out.”

Watch the video below.


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