‘Too Much Begging’ Slick Whiteline Calls Out World Dawg, Quite Perry, and More in Comedic Post – Watch Video

The TikTok culture of gifting content creators has taken off as a booming business for many creators on the app and they make a lot of money doing lives where their followers send them various gifts that are worth different amounts.

Jamaican TikTokers like Quite Perry, Rebel, World Dawg, and others have been rumoured to have made millions from being gifted on the popular social media platform, sometimes even doing challenges with other creators to see who will be gifted the most.

However, not everyone is on board with this way of making money and one such content creator and comedian, Slick Whiteline, calls out the Jamaican male TikTokers who have hopped onto this trend of gifting.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, Whiteline mentioned how fishy Tiktokers were doing “too much begging.” It was captioned, “All 🎣 Tockers fi Kum down now 😂😂😂😂.”


In the video, Whiteline is the DJ and he’s playing vocals from a Jamaican artiste, the artiste stated, “Tell dem fi kum dung now, some Fish Tokers fi kum dung now. World fish…Quite Perry…kum dung now…too much begging like unnuh a blind man.”

the artiste referred to Quite Perry and World Dawg (“World Fish”) as gay and also mentioned that Jayden was also gay because he was on Perry’s TikTok Live “a beg man lion.”

Watch the Slick Whiteline video below:


The comment section of the post was filled with mixed reactions of people wondering why someone else’s sexuality was a problem to an outsider and others mentioning that creators like Quite Perry were known to be gay for a long time now.

Macopal stated, “Unuh live in a merka weh every blink yuh blink there is another one. Only Unnuh Jamaican man weh so call straight worry about a next man sexuality…No part of this is funny…worry about your own issue.”

Another commenter who seemed to be rhyming wrote, “Batty Bwoy dem pan tik tok a beg pure lion, need a lick inna dem head side wif piece a broad iron, none a dem Bwoy nah end up inna Zion.”

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