Toots’ Estate Explains Cancellation Of Tribute Show In England

August 13, 2021

The family of the late Reggae icon Toots Hibbert would like the public to know that it has nothing to do with the cancellation of a purported tribute concert that was scheduled to take place in London at the Round House on the 4th of September.

It has been reported in the media that the purported tribute show, which would have featured Hibbert’s former backing band along with several international music stars, was cancelled because of a cease and desist order from his estate. 


However, his daughter Leba Hibbert, the Toots Hibbert Foundation Vice President, says this is not true, this was a result of bad decisions on the part of the promoters and the band members. Anyone claiming to organize tribute shows in aid of the “Toots Foundation” without the knowledge or written permission of the President, Mrs Doreen Hibbert or myself, the VP of the foundation, is misleading the public.

“Neither my mother, Mrs Doreen Hibbert, who is the President of the Toots Hibbert Foundation or myself, has had any dialogue with the promoters of this tribute event and we’re not pleased that we are being used as scapegoats now that the event is cancelled. We will not take this lying down,” said Miss Hibbert. “Don’t blame us, blame yourselves”

She continued, “Anyone paying close attention to what’s going on can see that they’re trying to blame us for something that we did not do. A recent newspaper article stated that this event was cancelled because the members of my father’s former backing band were concerned about the reopening of England as it relates to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. So I would like to know why there is another article out now that’s blaming the Toots Hibbert Foundation for the cancellation of this concert?”

Miss Hibbert stated that the cease and desist letters sent to the members of father’s former backing band and some promoters in the UK on the 15th of July, were issued because they were using the ‘Toots and the Maytals’ trademark, and the ‘Toots Hibbert’ trademark and images of my late father, Frederick ‘Toots’ Hibbert to promote an event that they claimed was in aid of the ‘Toots Foundation.’ Shows that no one spoke to us about, they were also using the name ‘The Maytals Band’ which is currently in dispute. 

“The cease and desist order was sent to the band because they attempted to use the Toots and Maytals name without my family’s permission. This is something that we feel very strongly about. The name Toots & The Maytals belonged to my father, and now that he’s no longer here physically, it belongs to his estate and we will not let anyone trample on his legacy or exploit his name or his works for their personal gain. Don’t blame us for your bad decisions,” said Miss Hibbert.



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