Top 5 Soothing Music Genres to Soothe your Mind

Thursday, February 21, 2019, 6:17 AM

The best medicine for the soul; a stress-buster for the mind and a great friend to the wounded heart! That’s what music is. While the daily stress of life cannot always be avoided, we can refresh our minds every now and then by listening to some soothing music. Most of us have our earphones on when travelling to and from work, working out in the gym or while simply sitting at home. But we don’t consciously notice the relaxing effect it has on our minds. It helps us escape from the stressful reality for a while and get back in the game, revitalised.

We all have our own favourite music genres, don’t we? Every music genre has its own speciality and purpose. There are certain genres that play a vital role in calming our minds. Here are the top five genres that will help a great deal in soothing your mind at any hour.


Soft Rock – While hard rock is a favourite for many, there are a lot of people who prefer to listen to soft rock. After hard rock originated in the 1960s, it got further divided into hard rock and soft rock. Soft rock music emphasises on the melody and lyrics by toning down the beats and producing a softer sound. You can find more of love songs under this category. If you need a calming love song with some great beats, then soft rock genre is for you. Journey, Billy Joel, Bryan Adams, Michael Learns to Rock and Foreigner are some of the popular soft-rock artists.

Jazz – Although jazz isn’t everyone’s favourite genre, listening to Jazz music is considered to have a relaxing effect on the mind. It originated in New Orleans, in the African-American communities and is recognised as America’s classical music by a lot of people. It makes use of low-sounding instruments like the saxophone, trombone and guitar to make beautiful instrumental music. Go for jazz music if you don’t need any lyrics; instrumentals setting the mood of happy times, love and romance, will do the work for you.

Classical Music/Instrumental – Classical music originates from the traditions of Western culture including both, secular and religious music. Classical or instrumental music is a great option when you’re focused on work or anything that needs your attention. When there’s no lyrics involved, there can’t be any distraction. You can simply listen to relaxing music and feel refreshed while doing your chores. It truly feels amazing to listen to every string of the guitar, sound of the saxophone or music from other instruments.

Country Music – With its origins in the southern United States in the 1920s, country music gets its roots from folk music, blues and ballads. This genre mainly uses instruments like acoustic guitars, electric guitars, banjos, fiddles, steel guitars and harmonicas. In 2009, country music was a genre that was most listened to by people in the US, during their evening commute. It was also the second-most listened to genre during their morning commute. One very popular country song from the 1990s is “Cotton-Eyed-Joe” by Rednex. Find yourself dancing as you listen to some amazing country music. Some of the most popular country music artists are Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Bob wills, Florida Georgia Line and Taylor Swift.

Reggae – Reggae is another popular music genre that took birth in the 1960s, in Jamaica. It includes some musical elements of jazz, calypso, mento, blues and traditional African folk rhythms. This genre can be easily recognised by its offbeat rhythms, with slower tempo and easy-going melody. Bob Marley (with his band ‘The Wailers’) is one of the most famous reggae artists who gave us beautiful songs like Buffalo Soldier, No Woman No Cry, Get Up Stand Up, Redemption Song, Is This Love and One Love, to name a few.

Some other soothing music genres that deserve a mention include R&B (Rhythm & Blues), Latin, trance, opera, rock and folk music.

Make use of the wide range of gadgets, headphones and accessories from brands like Zalora and Qoo10 and perk up your daily routine by fitting in time to listen to some music. Take your pick from these 5 music genres and enjoy its calming effect.

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