Tory Lanez Arrested for Gun Possession and Megan Thee Stallion Injured in Crazy Turn Of Events

Rap/Hip Hop News, One of the most entertaining MVPs of Quarantine 2020 has been Tory Lanez with Quarantine Radio. There has been vocal talent, twerking and a lot more entertaining stuff on his show.

He took a swim with Kylie and Megan Thee Stallion leaving many people surprised due to the fact that he had a big blow-up backstage a few years ago with Kylie’s baby’s father.

Reports stated that the police were called and told about a disturbance at about 4:30 am on Sunday, outside a Hollywood Hills residence.  

Witnesses reported hearing shots firing in the air after people argued in a SUV before the vehicle left.

The description of the SUV that was given to the cops helped them to find it not long after, and the Rappers along with a woman were found in it.

Sources revealed that there was a cut on Megan’s foot and broken glass was on the floor of the vehicle. The gun was found after the vehicle was searched.

Some people believe Tory got too much attention as a rapper and the Hip- Hop police couldn’t wait to ruin his life and throw him in Jail. He got that for having a good time with Meg.

Carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle is a felony in California. In Los Angeles convicted persons usually end up spending time in the slammer.

There is nothing much anyone can do to avoid the sentence.

Some fans are hoping Tory will find a way to be out soon.

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