Tory Lanez gets stabbed in the back in “Jokes On Me” Music Video

Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 6:30 PM GMT-5

Canadian musician Tory Lanez continues to release new music amidst his recent debacles and pending court dates, this his latest music video is for a song titled “Jokes On M”.

Earlier Lanez went live and gave details about what happened between him and Megan while doing so he outlines that he did not shot her but on the other hand Megan went live prior shouting out “Tory Shot me” multiple times.

Most of Tory’s songs that have been released since that incident has been related to the incident and this seemingly is just another one whereby he talks about his feelings about being betrayed by a girl he loves.

SOME LYRICS “i thought you will be loyal to me.. the jokes on me.. and you make them laugh making jokes on” Tory also went on to express that he’s ashamed now that the joke is on him.

He even got into his Jamaica rhymes bag, talking about “anything a anything”.

Watch the telling music video below.

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