Tory Lanez Pleads Not-Guilty in court Today for Megan’s Shooting

Tory Lanez is standing his ground with regards to his innocence as it relates to Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting which took place in Hollywood Hills on July 12.

Daystar Peterson whose more commonly known as Tory Lanez was absent from court when the case was aired today, Wednesday, November 18th, the “say it” singer was also absent in person on previous court dates.


A not guilty plea was entered by Tory’s attorney, Shawn Holley Peterson, Lanz is currently out on a 190k bond and according to TMZ he could face up to 22 years behind bars if found guilty.

Earlier Tory argued that “A charge is not a conviction” and that he “genuinely appreciate” the persons who supported both artistes.

Tory was ordered to stay away from Megan, however, he has expressed love for her online and claims that persons are in her ears telling her what to do to him.

Despite Megan going live and detailing how Tory Lanez shot her “Tory shot me” she said, Tory’s argument when he went live was different.

“Nobody ever reported that you got shot but you” says Tory after pointing out that if he indeed shot her why did she then get back in the car with him, if he was trying to hurt her.

It’s also reported that the court is reviewing whether or not Tory violated court order(s) after he went live on social media and spoke on the entire situation plus he also wrote about the happenings in most of the songs on his recently released album.


The saga continues in court on January 20th.


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