Tory Lanez returns with “Most High” Music Video

September 30, 2020 2:51 PM

Canadian Singer rapper Tory Lanez drops his first music video in months and it’s about what the people want to hear him talking abou, he is showing off as he usually do while giving praises to the “Most High”.

According to Lanez, he was offered bail and released because he is innocent which is contrary to what Megan Thee said about the shooting weeks ago, “Tory shot me” she said while explaining to fans what took place.


An optimistic Tory also explained in another song that he Still Loves Megan and how much he is sorry about what took place but the people around her are in her hears telling her to do bad things to him.

Tory Lanez Arrested for Gun Possesion and Megan Thee Stallion

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Amidst the drama Tory’s new music is reaching more ears hence he is looking to capitalize and cash in on the buzz apparently to also help cover his legal fees and house payments which he recently spoke about.

The song “Most High” matches Tory’s character and fits in with the hyped music he as been releasing over the years.

SOME LYRICS: “Praise to the most high… i walked away free cause i’m innocent”.

The song “most high” is featured on Tory’s DAYSTAR Album which is Out Now. Watch the flashy music video for “Most High” below.


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