Trabass Vs Worl Dawg Boxing Match – Watch Video

The fight, which some said was long-awaited, streamed live on YouTube Sunday evening, showing what appeared to be a room full of onlookers watching the social media influencers throw punches in a ring.

When the fight commenced, Worl Dawg, born Keem Dunbar, threw the first punch, but he ended up being knocked to the ground by Andrew Trabass. They briefly went to their stations on opposite sides of the ring before sparring once more.


During one of the match’s break intervals, Trabass commented that Worl Dawg’s punches were “soft” and said that his opponent looked like he was going to vomit and pass out. “Him punch dem soft. Yuh nuh see mi knock him and him a stagger and a whol on pan mi,” Trabass stated.

The match resumed with both punching and shoving, with Trabass landing the hardest hits. During another break, Worl Dawg departed the ring to get air outside and left his boxing gloves behind.

However, with Worl Dawg not returning to the ring, Trabass took the championship belt, declaring his victory.

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The two later appeared on camera to address the viewers, with Worl Dawg explaining that Trabass won and that he was unable to breathe properly at the venue due to the heat. They also said there would be a sequel to the fight since the temperature made Worl Dawg uneasy.

Watch the fight with Trabass vs Worl Dawg below:

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