Tracking number: Where to track them?

Online stores are accessible from anywhere in the world using an internet-enabled device. Once the orders are placed and the online store confirms the order after they have settled payment, they ship the packages. A tracking number is a code attached to a particular ordered item or items that have been shipped.

Parcels from China Post, 4PX and Yanwen express 

The tracking number or tracking code could be alphanumeric or just have a series of numbers. When the number is or entered into a package tracking site, it locates the order for which it was generated. The tracking number is unique, and often provides additional information, like the country of origin or the country of destination of the package. All packages coming from China contain the letter CN. These tracking numbers are only provided by the 3 main Chinese courier services : China posts, Yanwen and 4PX. If you are in possession of a tracking code coming from China, you can always use the 4px tracking services in order to get the precise results. Even if your package is carried by another company than 4PX, this service will provide you the precise location of your parcel, along with informations from 

How to use a tracking number

We have mentioned that the sole purpose of a tracking number is to track an order. But how does one use it? Well, that question is answered right here, with an explanation of how to use a tracking number.

Get the number

Getting the tracking number is the first thing on the list of things to be done. Without the number or code, there isn’t information that can be extracted. Tracking tools use the tracking number to locate the order, so it is something that can’t be done without it. The online store or courier service sends the tracking number, usually through email. But if they did not send one, you can request it from the store or courier. After getting the number, you proceed to the next step.

Find a tracking tool

The tracking tool and the tracking number have a symbiotic relationship; they complement each other and need each other to be useful. A tracking tool without a tracking number is useless. The same thing applies to a tracking number. When looking for a tracking tool, ensure it supports the store or courier service in use. It is best to go for a tool that has a wide range of support, such as Ordertracker, which supports many courier services. After finding the right tool for the job, proceed to the next step.

Entering the tracking number

The next thing to do is to enter or input the tracking number or ID into the tracking tool. The tracking tool will have a spot where the tracking ID can be entered. Ensure that you enter the correct tracking number if you are typing it in. If it is possible, you can copy and paste it into the tool. This helps prevent any hiccups or challenges during the tracking process. After entering the number, cross-check again to make sure it is the correct number you entered. If the number corresponds, then you are good to go and can begin to track your order.


This is the last part of the process, and this is when you will begin to track the order you placed online. After the tracking begins and ends, the location, as well as other important details about the package, will be available.


In summary, a tracking number can be tracked or used in a tracking tool for locating an online order. Always ensure that you have a stable connection before tracking. However, the process is seamless and foolproof. As long as you have the correct details, you should be able to find your package.

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