Traffic Not Moving on Mandela Highway

Traffic on Mandela Highway has been a bigger problem since children started going back to school. The strategies that the authorities have been using have not been working and motorists have been complaining about being held up for hours and getting to destinations late.

New traffic lights were strategically placed but that did not help and now the new plan involves a new way for persons who are entering the Hydel Group of Schools Compound to continue driving until they get to the Caymanas intersection where they will make a U turn and head back to the school gate.
The bus lane should be restored so that the children on the buses can get to school on time. That is a solution some persons have mentioned.

However, the Superintendent of police says he has made some other changes and there is now a free flow of traffic. He abandoned the use of the traffic lights just for the peak hours and everyone is hoping that this change will fix the traffic problem at last.

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