TRIARE Web Solutions

June 24, 2021

TRIARE is an IT company that has been developing software for the web environment for several years and provides a wide range of outsourcing services in the IT field. TRIARE employs specialists with a large store of knowledge and skills, as well as experience in developing programs for various industries. Our mission is to help companies reduce software development costs and speed time to market.

What we are working on


Our field of activity includes the development of the following products:

  1. web applications;
  1. desktop software;
  1. mobile applications;
  1. cloud services;
  1. quality assurance (QA) software.

Branches of our activity

Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience in developing software web products and IT solutions for customers from various areas of the economy: logistics, healthcare, education, fintech, banking and e-commerce.


Years of experience in custom software development and understanding of the business processes of various companies allows us to meet the needs of our customers and help them achieve their goals. At the request of the client, we carry out extensive expertise in the development of complex web programs.

Quality level and qualifications


For many years of work, we have successfully completed all started projects for customers around the world. The employees of our company are certified, which guarantees the highest quality of the software developed by our specialists. Also, in addition to providing custom web development and quality assurance services, we create our own products, translating our ideas into practical innovative solutions.

Our products

TRIARE specialists are engaged in the development of software products for professionals. With this knowledge we have developed a number of unique solutions, including end-user applications, professional tools, business software solutions, and development kits (SDKs).


Our advantages

Clients who contact our company receive a significant number of clear benefits.

  1. Our experts make a preliminary assessment of the client’s business idea from the standpoint of the effectiveness of web development.
  1. The company provides consulting services on used and developed web solutions.
  1. We work with the latest and most effective programming languages ​​on the web.
  1. Our developments can work on any device that can connect to the Internet.
  1. We provide assistance to startups in various fields of activity.

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