Trinidadian Man on 53 Home Invasion Charges in Canada

February 17, 2020 6:01 PM

57-year-old Septimus Neverson has filed an appeal already, because of the decision that was made by Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer that found him guilty on all of the 53 counts on January 10, the Trinidadian was extradited from Trinidad and Tobago at the end of September 2016.

In the Greater Montreal area, the case against Neverson who carried out 13 home invasions, including one that ended with a murder will start the sentencing stage at the courthouse on Monday.


Neverson, was removed from Canada in 2000 after he served a sentence for murdering a man during a break in, in Montreal on March 20, 1987. Neverson was still able to use the alias David Munroe to obtain a false passport and to re-enter Canada in 2006 and again in 2009 even though he was removed earlier, he had a goal to steal from people inside their homes to send money back to an ex-girlfriend. It is believed that she is the mother of his five children, who lives in Trinidad and Tobago.

He was flown to Montreal, from Trinidad and Tobago on September 30, 2016 where he was interrogated by Montreal police homicide detectives. The interrogation lasted for eight hours, until Det.-Sgt. Don Simpson, the investigator who handled most of the interrogation got the Trinidadian to open up by talking about religion. 

However, he remained defiant later, he would not comment on anything about his case. He did not understand how Simpson got him to confirm specific details of a long investigation that started in 2013 when one of his friends contacted the Montreal police and gave them information that reopened the investigation that had been cold many years ago.

At the time when Neverson turned up to be interrogated three years later, Simpson knew the remarkable detail and timeline that showed how Neverson carried out the first of the 13 home invasions, in Baie D’urfé in 2006 just five days after he illegally found his way back into Canada. The timeline caused investigators to believe the theory that Neverson carried out the home invasions, in part, to send money for his children.

The first home invasion was horrifying for a couple from Baie d’Urfé, who were shocked to find a masked man who was armed with a pistol inside their home; who later forced them to pack valuables into their car and then told them to drive him to their banks to take out the maximum daily limits from the ATMs.

He had them doing the same thing the following day, $2,100 was given to Neverson along with more than $10,000 worth of valuables, including a computer and watches the next day. Before he left them in Chateauguay and took their car.


Within hours after the robbery, Neverson sent $600, via Western Union, to a woman in Trinidad and Tobago she is believed to be his children’s mother.

Neverson allegedly sent approximately $18,000 to Trinidad and Tobago after the home invasions.



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