Trippple X Believes Former Hotel Worker Matthew Was The Problem – Gives Exclusive Details

Popular social media influencer and comedian Trippple X, born Darrielle Cummings, took to social media to express his views on the viral video of the hotel worker Matthew, who was allegedly recently fired.

The video was posted on Rawpa Crawpa’s channel a few hours ago and in it Trippple X stated that when he had just seen the video where Matthew was ranting about being fired for no reason, he was extremely upset for the worker and said that he “literally had to fight himself not to do a live same time”.

However, Trippple stated that after he did his research on the issue, he noted that the owner of the hotel was a humanitarian advocate and this prompted him to dig deeper. His research into the matter led him to believe that Matthew was not presenting a fair representation of why he was allegedly fired online. Trippple stated that he received messages from past coworkers of different hotels that indicated that Matthew was not a good person to work with.

A video intended as an interview between Trippple X and Matthew was done and Tripple X stated that the interview was a mess. He said that Matthew left right as the interview was supposed to start saying he had something important to get and only return two and a half hours later, with his clothes changed plus a bible in hand. The interview setup had to be changed because it was set up at a restaurant and the lighting was bad since he took so long to return so the place got dark.

Trippple reported that the 25-year-old has worked at eleven different places from where he was dismissed from work and stated that Matthew himself stated that his girlfriend even asked him if he was sure he wasn’t the problem because everyone always seems to fire him. Trippple X stated on the YouTube video that Matthew mentioned having seen his boss fire multiple people during his time there but he found it hard to believe because he was only working there for less than a month.

He stated that Matthew was flirting and conversing with the guests but the hotel has a policy that states that you do not initiate contact/convo with guests, you answer if asked a question and resolve any issues promptly then move along and that was where the issue started. When he questioned Matthew about this he said that he did not know about this policy and that he read the contract, however, later said that the contract made no sense. Trippple stated that he should have done his research if he found the contact difficult to understand. Trippple X stated that Matthew has no sense because he claimed his employer was a racist but the man that owns the hotel is a light-skinned Jamaican which he did not seem to know.

Mattew planned a protest for July 4th as seen below.

A viewer said that after hearing both sides of the story, he has “come to the belief/conclusion that Trippple is tearing down his own people and it personal against Matthew” and another stated “When this big thief did go in Walmart and a try to thief a laptop, he never did a think what he saying know. That big thief need to get off social media, because that case doesn’t close as yet. And you lost your visa because of your hand can’t stay away from things don’t belong to you”. This is referring to Trippple X being arrested in Florida for theft back in 2020.

A commenter who has worked at a hotel before took the side of Trippple X and said that, “I did 10 years at a resort and what he’s saying is spot on. Come on people wrong a wrong. Policies are set in place at every hotel to protect dem from potential lawsuits. And someone has to be there to make sure they are carried out. Was the manager wrong for his approach yes he could of handled it differently”.

Watch as Trippple X gives details below.

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