Trippple X not Ashamed, Talks getting Arrested

Wednesday, September 2, 2020, 8:47 AM GMT-5

Jamaican entertainer Darrielle Anthony Cummings aka Trippple X who was recently arrested in Florida went online hours ago to talk about his current situation, while not giving much details Trippple opens up and admits that some of what is being said online is true except for a few additional rumours like him stealing crab legs, getting deported and so on.

While commenting on the situation on a live chat he explains that he got himself into “some trouble” however he was not locked up and he is out and about currently.

“As human beings we do a lot a things sometimes… we affi look inna we self and accept the wrong we doing.. me is jus a normal man like everybody… me always accept the fact that mi have mi fault dem … mi always put it out deh seh mi have mi fault dem”, “this nah guh break mi” he states in the live chat.

“I am not going to stop fass inna people business… me ago continue fi mek mi video dem and mi nah change noting” states X who also told his viewers that he is not ashamed of his action however he will learn from it “this is a life lesson,” says Trippple while suggesting that others should learn from his situation also.

He further states that “when everything done and sort out” legally, he would return to social media to give details on what happened and laugh about it. “unuh ago get the full 100 a everything… mi nuh hide noting”.

“Mi nah guh hide it nor run from it… me a stand up and tek mi beating” he explains.

34-year-old Cummings was arrested in North Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida on August 26th for petit theft.

Since his arrest dancer/Vlogger Dyemo went online to blast X for his wrongdoings. She states that he tried to bring her down weeks ago online as she laughs and asks “why yuh do it jancrow”, she went on to outline that Tripple X was caught stealing Crab legs.

Trippple X is also facing backlash online after himself bashed Blue Royal weeks ago for stealing a man’s money who is from the Bahamas.

According to Trippple X he thought fellow comedians would go harder while bashing him, he also finds a lot of them to be very funny.

On a lighter note, X says he got a one day to be trending for himself even though Amari tried to take it away with her sex tape.

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