Trisstar Is Letting Females Know “Man Clown” Days Done In New Track

One of Jamaica’s most talented young females in the business, Trisstar is proving herself by the day to be one of the talents that we will need to look out for on the musical horizon, especially with her latest single entitled “Man Clown” produced by Reggae Selecta UK, who happens to also be her manager.

The track is very sonically inspiring knowing that the level of talent being heard is coming from someone that is only 17 years of age.

As you have heard, the title of the song speaks to the misuse of females by men who use tactics and tricks to play with their fragile hearts and as such the female deejay starts her chorus by letting it known that man clown days are over, and that she is in a new phase of her life where she does not plan to be a “Tweedle Dee” or “Tweedle Dum”, by running down someone claiming falsely to be a lover.

The visuals released with the track also shows a storyline relating much to the lyrics of Trisstar, as it is shown in the video where her lover left his phone on the bed, only to receive a message which the entertainer saw that based on her expression captured, seems to have been something that made her very disappointed.

For the verse of the song, the young singer outlined that she is not interested in any Olympic competition as she is not fit for that type of race and will not make a boy do her like that and as such, she is urging him to take her off his hit list.

The second verse of the song adds an empowering touch to the track as Trisstar made it clear that she is not Dora since she has no interest in any form of exploration, whilst outlining to the man she is talking about, that if he leaves there is another out there just like him or even better. Trisstar says she is not from clown town though and uses “Man Clown” to speak strongly about that point. 

As a young female deejay in the business, her soft melodic sound is already unique and has been catching people’s ears, rapidly transforming them into her loyal fans which can be seen in the comment section of the music video on the Youtube platform.

Other tracks that Trisstar is noted for are “Go Getta” and “Bleeding”, which have been proving their success to the artiste as it has caused her name to now be popping up in more Reggae and Dancehall conversations, with those experienced in the business slowly giving her the recognition she needs for a solid foundation.

Based on her level of talent too, there is no wonder why Reggae Selecta decided that it would be a great choice to sign her, knowing that her experience also gives her an edge of professionalism since the teen has already been the winner of several singing competitions.

The artiste can be followed on Instagram at @Trisstar_official as well her manager at @reggae_selecta_uk.

Watch the official music video for “Man Clown” below.

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