Tropical System Likely a Threat to Jamaica

As a tropical system nears Jamaica, the Meteorological Service Division has released Bulletin #1 because of the severe weather that is likely to hit the island this weekend. The alert was shared on Twitter today, with an attached document that urges fishers to get ready to evacuate the cays and banks.

The paperwork outlines that there is a “strong tropical wave to enter the Caribbean with high chance of further development.” It continues by saying that the Wave is “producing an area of disturbed weather east of the southern Windward Islands and is about to enter the southern Caribbean Sea.”

Tropical Wave1 1

Additionally, it states there is a strong possibility of the Wave developing into a tropical depression over the next few days. As the disturbance moves “west-north toward the central Caribbean later this week,” Jamaica may be affected by severe weather. The disturbance is expected to reach Jamaica’s territorial waters by Saturday. At that time, it might also develop into a tropical cyclone. “Fishers on the cays and banks are further urged to complete their preparations and be on the alert to evacuate,” it continues.

Tropical Wave1
Tropical Wave

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