Trouble In The Eastsyde Camp Between Rytikal And Skillibeng?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 11:18 AM

There seems to be a budding feud between the two “Eastsyde artistes”, and that assumption is based on two Instagram lives done by Rytikal and Skillibeng where statements were made that are now being interpreted by fans as, “Shade throwing”.

In the first live it was a video of Rytikal, when he just got released from jail and was seen listening to Alkaline, which is very unusual since the Eastsyde camp was thought to be more Gaza affiliated. In the live video, the “King inna war” could be heard also bigging up the “Vendetta boss” as well as every other talented artiste, while also letting his fans know that they are the ones that helped him to reach where he is with all the views.


On seeing that video many people’s emotions got stirred up as to what is taking place, and began to wonder if there is an ongoing beef with Rytikal and the “Mr Universe” singer.

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In a live done with Larodon who Skillibeng did the song “Roadman trap” with, the young dancehall sensation stopped the music that was playing to let his fans know that there is only one “Eastsyde boss”, and that should not be in question.

He also mentioned without calling any name that “some likkle ungrateful Ba++yb@y”, he no longer knows and remembers them. Skillibeng further stated in the live that the person who he is talking is going to continue until he overshadows them as their heart is not clean.

All these talks have gotten the fans of both artistes, wondering if beef is about to start, and what it would be like knowing that both of them are lethal lyrically. Both artistes in December of 2020 was featured on a song titled “onesyde” and we’ve not seen the two work together since.

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