Truck Crushes Car Along Marcus Garvey Drive – Watch Video

Friday, March 15, 2024, 11:45 AM

In a now circulating video, a truck can be seen perched atop a crushed silver car along Marcus Garvey Drive, near Nutrition Products Limited in the corporate area. While it’s unclear what caused the accident, reports are that it took place Friday morning.

The startling footage has sparked a flurry of reactions from viewers, shedding light on the grave concerns surrounding road safety in the area.


Viewers of the footage were quick to voice their opinions and concerns. Posted by Questimesofficial on Instagram, one viewer, after seeing the aftermath of the incident, wrote, “This look like the car man wrong.”

The footage below captures the aftermath of the bizarre accident.

The conversation took a more sombre turn as another viewer pondered the potential for even greater tragedy, saying, “Can you imagine if a baby was in his car seat on the crushed side? Me know mistakes happen, but truck drivers in Jamaica don’t respect smaller cars.” This comment highlights a broader issue of road safety and the perceived disregard some larger vehicle operators have towards smaller vehicles.

Amid the serious discussions, another viewer’s comment struck a different chord, focusing on the material rather than the human aspect of the accident. “The rims a sell?” the person asked, seemingly indifferent to the gravity of the situation, instead showing interest in salvaging parts from the wreckage.

See some more reactions below:

It’s unclear the extent of injuries suffered by those involved in the accident.

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