Truck Driver Ambushed and Robbed in Linstead, St. Catherine; Truck Set Ablaze – Watch Video

On Tuesday, March 21, a Truck Driver was travelling along the toll road exit in Linstead when he was ambushed by robbers and his truck set ablaze.

According to bystanders and video footage that captured the truck going up in flames, calls for help as the fire spread went unanswered. It has yet to be confirmed if the driver of the vehicle escaped alive. In the video footage, viewers could be heard saying, “me and dah bredda yah…we a ask weh e driver deh…and we a say a must run di driver run weh.”

Reportedly, the incident took place Tuesday night at around 7:00 PM just off the toll highway that leads towards Linstead and Treadways. The video was posted on Twitter under the account name Elisabeth Anne Levy, who claimed that the driver of the white Izuzu truck was delivering items when he was “held up, robbed, tied up with the truck set ablaze by the assailants.”

It was further stated, by others in the comment section of the post, that they passed the scene of the incident and that police officials and representatives from the fire department were on location.

Watch the video below:

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