Truck Runs Over It’s Driver Has He Tries To Stop It With His Hands [Video]

April 15, 2019

This incident occur in northern China at a gas station. It would appear that the driver parked the truck on the road side and went to get something or use the restroom at the gas station.

The man can be seen running towards the truck right after it started moving down hill, panicking when he got to the truck he then went in front of the truck and tried to stop it, he tumbled to the ground and moments later the truck can be seen running over him.


Who thinks about stopping a truck with their hands? after-all it must be said that in a situation like this one, you don’t get much time to think and many others would have tried the same thing.

Luckily enough the man escaped with only minor scratches, bruises and a gas pump repair bill.

Watch full crazy video clip below!



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