Trump Files Court Case Against Google, Twitter And Facebook For Alleged Censorship

Former president of the United States Donald Trump has decided to hit hard against Google, Twitter and Facebook by filing a lawsuit against the companies for alleged censorship.

Mr Trump was suspended from his social media accounts in January after fingers were pointed at him by the popular companies, for inciting the Capitol riots which saw his supporters raging for him in a very violent manner, resulting in deaths.

He announced on Wednesday at a news conference that was kept at his Bedminster golf resort, in New Jersey where he referred to the lawsuit as “A very beautiful development for our freedom of speech”. In hitting out against the companies, one of the points he said “We are demanding an end to the shadow banning, a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and cancelling that you know so well”.

What Donald Trump filed for was a court order to end the alleged censorship which he did at a Federal court in Florida, however, none of the big tech companies has responded so far.

His Twitter ban came on January 8th, just a few days after the riots as he made posts stating that those who rioted for him will not be subject to any disrespect or any unfair treatment as well as one declaring that he would have not shown up to President Joe Biden’s inauguration, who he claimed rigged the United States Presidential election.

The former US president was very active on social media as it allowed him an advantage to speak directly with his supporters, outside of mainstream media however since the loss of that advantage, Mr Trump has been firm on his stance that he is a victim of censorship and has decided to take things a step further with this court case.

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