Turmoil Erupts in Jamaica’s Parliament as Prime Minister Walks Out! After Golding Criticizes His Wife being House Speaker- Watch Video

Holness Walks Out! After Golding Questioned The Ethics of His Wife Juliet Holness Being House Speaker During Budget Presentation on Tuesday.

The halls of Jamaica‘s House of Parliament were fraught with tension on March 19th as a heated exchange between Prime Minister Andrew Holness and opposition leader Mark Golding led to dramatic scenes, culminating in Holness and his JLP colleagues walking out of the chamber.

The spark that ignited the turmoil came during Golding’s presentation, where he vehemently opposed the appointment of Holness’ wife as the speaker of the house. “The head of parliament is the wife of the head of government,” he stated before arguing that this move was a calculated manoeuvre by the government to consolidate power, stating that it deviated from parliamentary tradition.

In response, Prime Minister Holness dismissed Golding’s claims as “desperate” before abruptly leaving the chamber, followed by other JLP members amidst jeers from the opposition. Even Everald Warmington of the JLP expressed dissatisfaction with the proceedings, asserting that they could not continue under the circumstances.

The disruption prompted a pause in the proceedings, with JLP members refusing to return, effectively bringing an end to the day’s session. The incident, which unfolded in the George William Gordon House of Representatives in Kingston, cast a shadow over parliamentary decorum and highlighted the deep-rooted political divisions in Jamaica.

Watch the dramatic moment below:

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