Two Killed and One Arrested in Trafalgar Road Shooting

May 10, 2021

Jamaica News, The police reported that two firearms were seized, two gunmen were killed and one taken into custody, after a brazen shoot out this afternoon on Trafalgar Rd. in St Andrew. It is alleged that the gunmen had killed a man on Old Hope Road in the same parish and were trying to escape when the cops intercepted them.

The police stated that occupants of a car were the suspected murderers who killed someone in Swallowfield. A stolen firearm was taken from them; it was reported that it belonged to the man who was shot by the murderers earlier and it was taken from the murderers by the police.


After the Old Hope Rd murder was reported to the police, officers at the Emergency Communication Centre used the Jamaica Eye CCTV system to quickly mobilize the members of the Metropolitan Quick Response Team; before the vehicle that was driven by the criminals was intercepted at the intersection of Hope Road and Trafalgar Rd.

A firefight ensued between the police and the gunmen during the time they were being apprehended.

At the end of the shooting 2 of the criminals were found injured. 

Check out the shootout in the video below.



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