Tyson Beckford Talks Jamaican Roots and Defends Himself Against Kim Kardashian Gay Accusations

Saturday, September 11, 2021, 5:07 PM

American-born supermodel Tyson Beckford has something to say to Kim Kardashian, based on some comments she made several years ago suggesting that the Bronx New York native is gay. The former Ralph Lauren Polo model made his appearance on VladTV, where he spoke about the instance which led to the discriminative comments by the popular public figure.

It all started when Beckford commented several times on an Instagram picture of Kim Kardashian saying things like “Sorry I don’t care for it personally” and later, “She is not real. Doctor f— up on her right hip.” Little did he know, however, that Kim was planning for him when she responded to his comments by stating “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it,” which can be seen as a clear implication of Tyson Beckford not being straight.


In the recent interview with VladTv, the well-known supermodel who has Jamaican parents got heated when the popular interviewer asked him about the controversy after years of it passing by. Beckford, who says he was introduced to Kim Kardashian by Paris Hilton, turned on his Jamaican side when he decided to tackle the situation once and for all.

In his defence, Tyson said, “I ran with the Shower posse, and you know in Jamaica we don’t play that,” he went on further in his riveting exposition of Patois to say “We nuh play dat deh damn ting deh yuh hear mi! Suh, when dis ole pu#$yclaat want to go say sump like dat, yo real gun man come out you hear me.”

That was not the end of what Beckford described as his “Gunman” character, since he called for war in the case where Kim Kardashian is not able to talk to him directly about the rumours that she started. In further defending himself, the legendary supermodel told VladTV that he is not a troublemaker but he is not willing to make another person destroy his character.

At the point of the interview where it was discovered that Tyson Beckford was introduced to Kim Kardashian by Paris Hilton, it was also found out that the former Ralph Lauren model also had an intimate relationship with the popular reality TV star.


Beckford in his talk for his character, also said the rumour started by Kardashian about him being gay, has caused Instagram users to be messaging him asking him about it. He even mentioned that popular TV show host, Wendy Williams even took the rumour and ran with it.

Tyson also said that he has zero issues with gays, however, he explained that it is where it concerns him being falsely labelled that he is not in support of.

Check out the interview below.

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