UK Tourist Dies on Trip to Jamaica After Attempting to Drink 21 Cocktails

United Kingdom national Timothy Southern passed away during a family vacation to Jamaica after attempting to drink all 21 cocktails on a bar’s menu.

Reports state that Southern, a resident of Staffordshire, England, met two Canadian women who were celebrating a birthday at a bar. As part of their celebrations, the women were trying to complete the 21-cocktail challenge before midnight, and Southern joined the challenge.

The fifty-three-year-old was only able to consume 12 of the cocktails before he returned to his hotel room at the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean in St. Ann. After his return, Southern fell ill and was on his back, choking, when a family member rushed to his assistance.

However, when Southern was placed in the recovery position, he began vomiting.

His family criticised the emergency aid that was provided, stating that “the service and treatment he received was disgusting.” No ambulance was reportedly called to assist Southern, and the family expressed that the nurse on the scene was not prepared and seemingly not properly trained.

“I thought she would take over. But that was not the case. I noticed he was starting to lose temperature. I checked his pulse and couldn’t find it,” the family member stated.

Southern’s GoFundMe started by his family.

When Southern’s condition further deteriorated, the relative had to instruct the nurse to give him CPR.

“I said, ‘Don’t just sit there looking at him, start CPR.’ She only gave him chest compressions. Maybe if she had known what she was doing, maybe he would still be here,” the relative disclosed.

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Southern’s cause of death was later ruled by a pathologist as “acute gastroenteritis due to alcohol consumption.” A preliminary inquiry into Southern’s death revealed that he had consumed brandy and beer throughout the morning.

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