Uncle Charged for Beating 14yo after She Visited her Boyfriend

A man who heard that his 14-Year-Old niece had run off with her boyfriend decided to beat her for the bad deed, however he was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and malicious destruction of property and he pleaded guilty to the charges when he appeared in St Andrew Parish Court recently. 

His sentencing has been scheduled at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on June 28. 

The complainant said the accused used a board to hit her on her legs, her arms and across her back, her cellphone was damaged as well on May 6th, 2021. She suffered pain and had swelling after the trauma. She was accompanied by her mother when she appeared in Court.

In his defense the accused said it was just a piece of stick he used to beat her and not the board that was mentioned in the complainant’s report. He also said her mother had told him to beat her when she returned, “She run away with a man and her mother say me must beat her when she come back” he said. 

He explained that there was a man coming down from a tree when he started talking to her after her return and this caused him to beat her, but he was not aware that cell phone had been destroyed during the incident.

The Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole said the sentence for the 42-year-old accused man, would be given in the form of a compensation to the teen. Both the accused and the complainant were asked to be in court the next time the case is mentioned.

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