Unemployment in Jamaica Still Going Down

Unemployment in Jamaica continues the downward trend according to a report that was released by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN. 

The statistical Institute reported that just over 1.2 million Jamaicans are now a part of the employed labour force. There has been a 2.4 % increase compared to the same period in 2018, based on the findings from the Labour Force Survey which was done in 2019.

Ms. Carol Coy, the Director of STATIN revealed that the latest statistics showed the reduction in unemployment.

The persons who are considered to be employed are the ones who are engaged in at least a hour of economic activities during a reference week.

September 22 to 28, 2019 was the reference week for the survey. 

Even though an increase of males in the employed labour force was seen throughout the period, there were more females joining the employed labour force and the unemployment rate for October 2019 was at 7.2 %. 

The findings are 1.5 % lower than the 8 point 7 unemployment rate percent recorded for October 2018. 

The labour force survey that was done by STATIN in October 2019, also said youth unemployment declined for both females and males.

In October 2019, about 742,000 persons were classified as being outside of the Labour Force. 
This represents a reduction of almost 11000, when the figures are compared to October 2018. 

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