United Airlines Passenger Dies Mid-Flight, COVID Scare – Video

December 21, 2020 2:19 PM

United Airlines traveller on a flight from Orlando to LA pronounced dead after futile CPR efforts.

Other passengers who were on the same flight, took to Twitter in the aftermath claiming that the man’s wife stated that he had been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, but United Airlines said that they are yet to receive any information on the actual cause of death.


A spokesperson for United Airlines said the flight No. 591 had diverted to New Orleans because of an emergency that happened while in full flight. Paramedics delivered the passenger to the hospital where the man was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving.

The spokesperson also highlighted that they are keeping in touch with the family. United Airlines shared in a statement, that while there are a few assumptions in the media currently saying that the case is related to COVID-19. A conclusion still had not been determined as it relates to the official cause of death.

A passenger on the flight said that the man was breathing heavily when he boarded the plane and, after about 20 minutes into the flight, 3 medical professionals – including a nurse and a medical technician opted to administer Cardio on him as soon as they noticed him experiencing asystole.

Some other passengers said that they heard his wife speaking about the symptoms he may have had at the time including; lost of taste and smell.

It is important to point out that United Airlines require that all passengers complete a ready-to-fly checklist before locating their seats.

Check out the video of the incident below.



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