United States Submarine Spotted Near Ocho Rios, Jamaica: Some Viewers Alarmed – Watch Video

A video posted on social media has sparked mixed feelings among viewers after a United States submarine was spotted emerging off the picturesque shore of Ocho Rios, Saint Ann, Jamaica. 

The elongated vessel proudly displayed the flag of the United States of America, billowing in the wind as crew members on top donned their life jackets. 

The intriguing footage, captured by passersby, was shared on Instagram by @thisisablast, stirring a mix of emotions among viewers.

See the video below:

The divided opinions among followers of the page were evident in the comments. Some expressed alarm, raising concerns about the potential dangers of having a foreign submarine in Jamaican waters. 


On the other hand, a different group argued that such sightings are not uncommon and may be sanctioned or approved by relevant authorities. Hence there is no need to worry.

See the comments below:

There’s also another set who found the clip amusing and poked fun at other followers in the comments.

See more comments below:

United States Sub Comments


As the video continues to circulate, the debate surrounding the presence of the US submarine near Jamaica intensifies, leaving many questioning the implications and reasons behind its appearance in the Caribbean waters.

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