UPDATE: Kaylan’s Mother Can’t Stop Crying…

March 26, 2021

Hours ago Kaylan’s mother took to Instagram to post the following message “when will these tears end” after stating that she will not be on social media for the rest of the week, “four months in and she’s still fighting for her life” she said while crying in her most recent video uploaded online.

Kaylan’s mother went live two days ago to update us about Kaylan’s current state and what to expect next, according to Veneshia Buckley she got a call telling her to visit the hospital quickly because Kalyan was not doing good, which she did.


When Kaylan’s mother Veneshia Buckley got to the hospital Kaylan already had a seizure and then another seizure after she got there, a little temperature spike and 2 cardiac arrests. One of them lasted for 7 minutes.

She had a total of 9 cardiac arrests in recent times even though she is doing fine sometimes, she is eating, talking and moving her hands and feet even though she is still on the ventilator.

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Kaylan and her Mother

The doctors are trying to figure out what could cause the seizures, but she is back as she continues to fight for her life.

Buckley is asking everyone to continue praying and fasting for her recovery, because every time they think she won’t make it, she bounces back. The mother says she will never give up on her daughter, she will continue praying and believing in her God and prayer. 

Kaylan would be at home if she could breathe on her own and she needs to be out of the ICU because her body can easily be reinfected there, even though she is not in need of antibiotics at the moment.


She asked for water when her mother was leaving the hospital, this means she is recovering and her mother speaks about how talented her daughter is, she had a business going on and songs written. She hopes prayers will be answered and Kaylan can one day pick up where she left off.

Watch the video made by Kaylan’s mother below.

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