Update on Shenseea and Jada Kingdom Drama

[Sharingbuttons]Jada Kingdom and Shenseea put on a dramatic show on social media recently. The big showdown happened because Jada Kingdoms cousin made a comment about Shenseea’s hairstyle and Shenseea didn’t like it, so she retaliated by talking about the looks of the cousin. Who is a hairstylist, even though she is on the fluffy side. 
This is the comment “Come here Shenseea mek Dejah Hairstylist do yu hair please”. It seems as though Shenseea was so upset after she read the comment, she started blocking all the persons who liked it.

Shenseea also decided to hit back, and said “you see yuself ? Yu need fi go lose weight, yu need fi thin out a little and shape up like the same bang yah tell mi bout.

Shenseea got a lot of criticism from online trolls after she uploaded her photo showing her new hairstyle with her bang. Jada Kingdom couldn’t understand why she didn’t respond to all the others, she only responded to her cousin. She seemed to think they knew each other personally and this discussion should never take place on social media.

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