UPDATE On The Jamaican Students In Ukraine

Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson posted a video on Sunday to her Twitter page providing an update on the 24 Jamaican students who left Lviv, Ukraine to an agreed border point as they journeyed to Poland for safety today.

In the video, Minister Johnson stated that the students have now reached the agreed border point, but due to the crowd, processing will take some time. Sadly, however, she noted that two out of the 24 Jamaican students are not in the best of health, where one student, in particular, is being treated in an ambulance at the border due to being affected by the freezing cold temperature.


Furthermore, she confirmed that their Polish contact is on their way to the border point with a heated bus that is ready to accommodate the 24 students when they cross through. She also added that arrangements have already been made for accommodation and food, however, arrangements are being made regarding flights home to Jamaica as soon as they become available.

Minister Johnson then firmly assured the nation that confirmation has been received from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding receipt of the names of the 24 Jamaican students, therefore, they will not face any difficulties in entering Poland.

Earlier today, the Foreign Affairs Minister had advised in a video also posted on her Twitter page that the students are travelling to the Polish border by bus, however, the trip was disrupted when disgruntled citizens restricted the bus from continuing because it was allegedly overtaking a long line of traffic. The students then decided to continue the 20-kilometer journey on foot.

“I am asking you Jamaica and all of our Jamaican friends to pray for them, pray for their strength, their good health and their resilience for their passage to the other side” Minister Kamina Johnson.


Check out Minister Kamina Johnson’s video below:

On the other hand, PM Holness encourages Jamaican Nationals in Russia to leave where necessary.

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