URlyric Urges Artistes to Push Their Music Videos to Hit That Million Views

As an aspiring music artiste, growing your YouTube engagement can be a challenging task. That’s where URlyric.com comes in. The online promotion platform provides a range of optimization packages that can help increase your YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers.

With a tagline on their Instagram account @urlyrictrendz that reads “If you don’t promote your music, who will?”. Urlyric shares that it is “ … focused on helping music artists improve their online image”. “Our goal is to be the most competitive, hands-on delivery offering, we are service providers that have sought out the best content engagers and negotiated the best prices to meet our clients’ needs”.

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On why video promotion is important, URlyric rep Constantine shares that one should not leave their videos and music to chance after spending thousands of dollars to create them. “Many artistes have been releasing new music and new music videos and expecting it to just reach the fans, but you have to work on your release, you have to market it. Take the Dancehall King for example, he built his fanbase, and now he has hit a tremendous milestone by 100 million views on YouTube. Dropping a video and not investing in marketing it to your fans is just not the right plan”. “You have to push your videos to hit that million”.

For music producers and artistes with videos on YouTube, URlyric.com offers online services that at times help optimize videos to rank higher in search engine results. This helps to increase the visibility of the video, leading to more views, likes, and comments from fans when they see the video.

Clients can either work on their videos themself or hire one of URlyric.com experienced YouTube SEO specialists to optimize their videos for them as they work towards growing their online presence and achieving success in the music industry.

The company not only optimizes videos, but also audio releases. There are offerings for popular music streaming platforms.

URlyric.com has helped many music artists grow their YouTube engagement and make more money from their music. The platform is dedicated to helping music artistes succeed in the highly competitive music industry.

URlyric says music artists looking to grow their YouTube engagement can visit www.urlyric.com to learn more about the optimization packages available.

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