US Citizen Missing In Jamaica Found

After a US citizen by the name of Elizabeth Grayer pleaded for help to find her 20-year-old son Sazoun Grayer, who travelled to Jamaica on March 18th and disappeared without a trace on May 3, he has been found.

The young man who is a student is also a writer and sports editor for his college’s news outlet however, upon leaving the states he decided to drop everything as well as to give away all his belongings. The last time he was heard from was via an email, he sent on May 3rd to his mother, letting her know he was going to end his life.

Since then Elizabeth had been trying to get in touch with him, however, all her efforts at the time had proven to be futile. To help her, Elizabeth’s friend Jennifer Seamon organized a Gofundme page with the purpose of helping the mother of the young man to travel to Jamaica to find her son.

The Gofundme page was posted on Facebook, and Jennifer stated that she had been a very close friend of Grayer for a while and she is the type of person who does not ask for anything so she decided to do the page. According to Seamon, Elizabeth has been on her own since the age of 15.

According to the details of the previously missing boy included in the Gofundme description, Sazoun Grayer checked out of an Airbnb he was staying at in West End, Negril on May 3rd then it was seen where he booked a return ticket on the 4th to fly back to the states but did not take the flight.

All of his devices seem to have gone dead since May 4th as all his devices have been offline, and he has not been on Instagram either.

Even though his mother reached out to the Dallas Police in Texas, they told her there was nothing they could do, so she also reached out to the Jamaica Constabulary Force, as well as the Jamaican Embassy. It was at that point, Elizabeth who is from Buckner Boulevard in Dallas decided that she would travel to get a private investigator on the case.

According to the most recent updates on the case, after searches were conducted the 20-year-old was reported by the police to have been found and returned home in a healthy condition.

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