US Company Establishes “World’s Fastest Shoes” – Watch Video

October 30, 2022

Shift Robotics, an American company has developed a type of shoes called ‘Moonwalkers’ which is dubbed “The World’s Fastest Shoes,” claiming that it has the ability to enhance walking speed by 250%.

Xunjie Zang, founder and CEO of the company, graduated from Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute and teamed up with a group of engineers, roboticists, and sneaker designers. This innovative invention was kick-started following a near-death experience while riding a scooter to work, which led him to develop a “safe, convenient and healthy way of getting around.”


According to Zang, “Moonwalkers are not skates. They’re shoes. The world’s fastest shoes actually. You don’t skate in them. You walk. You don’t have to learn how to use them, the shoes learn from you.” They are said to be equipped with a motor and 300 watts of power that is chargeable with a USB-C PD charger.

More so, the shoes allegedly have a range of between 5 and 7 miles and weigh about 4.2 lbs each, with a brake distance of about 2 feet on a dry road.

Moonwalkers recently went on sale as part of a Kickstarter campaign based on information published by the New York Post. The shoes were priced at $1,399 and are expected to start being delivered by March 2023.

Watch a video about the shoes below:

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