USA on High Alert as More Deaths Linked to COVID-19 Reported There

Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 10:21 PM GMT-5

US Officials Warns of Many More Cases as More Deaths Linked to COVID-19 are being Reported in the country.

The World Health Organization warned that the virus might be a lot more dangerous than the flu as three more deaths linked to the coronavirus were reported.

An off-camera news conference with the task force charged to oversee the federal government’s response was held at the White House.

A message was delivered to the American public by Robert Redfield, the Director of the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention.

He wanted Americans to be prepared for the reality that there would be more cases and they should continue their daily lives as they prepare themselves and their families.

With a mortality rate of 3.4%, he said Scientists are still not equipped with the data to predict the daily spread.

China treat coronavirus

Redfield also revealed that the virus has the potential to move quickly as there were less than 3 cases in Korea a few weeks ago and now there are 2500 cases there.

California announced its first coronavirus-linked death on Wednesday, Now the USA death toll is at 11. The other 10 deaths have been recorded in the Washington state.

There are now 158 cases of the novel coronavirus in USA.

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