Usain Bolt Buys Pink Roses For His Girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, As They Celebrate Their Long Lasting Love – Watch Video

Usain Bolt has once again captured the hearts of his fans with a heartwarming gesture towards his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett. In a recent romantic moment, Usain Bolt surprises his girlfriend by buying her a bouquet of exquisite pink roses, symbolizing love and affection.

The couple, who have been together for several years, shared this adorable moment with followers via social media, giving fans a glimpse into their beautiful relationship. The video shows Usain Bolt handing a bouquet of pink roses to Kasi, who is glowing with happiness.


The genuine joy on their faces, coupled with the simplicity of the gesture, makes this moment even more endearing.

Pink roses are often associated with grace, elegance, and romance, making them a perfect choice for Usain Bolt to express his love for Kasi. Additionally, Kasi mentioned that she found the scent of the roses pleasant upon receiving them.

As she usually does, Kasi found some humour in the gesture by Bolt, stating, “Some haters just looking at me because I got some pink roses that smell good, you know what am saying, my boyfriend bought me roses,” which prompted a loud laughter from Usain Bolt.

When asked by Kasi if he has anything to say, Bolt simply states, “Am just living my best life.” The couple’s fans were quick to express their delight and admiration by commenting on the post shared to Instagram by reggaemediatv, with many of them suggesting that they should get married.

See the video below:

Usain Bolt And Kasi Bennet


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