Usain Bolt Models Hublot Watches in Ad Campaign for the Luxury Brand – Watch Video

Saturday, October 28, 2023, 8:21 PM GMT-5

Throughout his illustrious career, sprint legend Usain Bolt secured lucrative brand deals with several international companies.


Though he is now retired from track and field, Bolt has maintained his partnerships with multiple of those companies, such as his ongoing partnership with Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot.

Bolt showcased multiple Hublot watches as well as his diverse style in an ad campaign for the luxury brand as he continued his ambassadorship at the company.

Modelling the Spirit Of Big Bang Essential Grey watch and a green Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin, the Olympic champion donned a khaki green ensemble and an all-black suit with a modern twist that paired a classic jacket with shorts.

The former sprinter rocked a turtleneck and puffer vest while showcasing the Hublot Square Bang Unico King Gold and donned all-white for the sky-blue Big Bang Unico.

Sharing the ad campaign video on his Instagram account, Bolt added the single Unstoppable by D-Major, which he produced.

Watch the video below.


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