Usain Bolt Says “One Year Ago Today” Since SSL Fraud Plus Talks On His Mindset – Watch Video

Thursday, January 11, 2024, 1:12 PM GMT-5

Along with the new year comes bitter memories for retired Olympian Usain Bolt as he ruminates on how it has been a full year since he, as well as other citizens, have fallen victim to the investment fraud at SSL (Stocks and Securities Limited) in 2023.

Last year January, it was made known to the public that the trusted institution was steeped in a fraud scheme that was later revealed to surpass USD$30M with over 200 client accounts affected by the fraud.

On Thursday, January 11, 2023, Bolt uploaded a post to his social media accounts where he mentioned that it has been a year since he lost a substantial amount of his investment fund, but he also stated in the caption that he is holding firm, “One year ago today but just know me still a hold firm 💪🏾.”

In the video he said, “Yow peeps, so is been one year…just want unnuh know say mi deh yah, still a fight di fight, still a wol on…to all di people dem who did a support me, continue support. Know a nthn but love alright.”

Watch the video below:

He was shown a lot of support in the comments with ASCENSION saying, “Was the money ting a year ago. Wow. I still remember that my brother,” and another person writing, “You are still such a big inspiration, doh stop fighting!!!”

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