Usain Bolt’s Christmas Treat Puts a Smile On Many Faces – Watch Video, See Photos

Wednesday, December 27, 2023, 6:38 PM GMT-5

During this joyful season of giving, Usain Bolt brought many smiles to the faces of children through his annual December event in his hometown, Sherwood Content in Trelwany.

Every year, the children participate in entertaining activities, and they, with their guardians, receive toys and care packages from this event, which has grown to be something that many look forward to.

This is except for December 2020, when the pandemic resulted in Usain and his team driving throughout the community to hand out gifts.

Usain Bolt's Annual Treat for Christmas Puts a Smile On Many Faces - Watch Video, See Photos

This year, the children were able to enjoy the merry-go-round, a mechanic bull ride, multiple bouncy houses, and face painting. They were seen with toys, posing happily in photos that Usain Bolt shared on his Instagram page.

There was also a picture of a girl who won a phone, a photo of Usain standing next to a child, and a video of the event showing activities and the people in attendance.

The video was captioned with the words, “Just kid from the country!!! Always a joy to give back to my community #Thankul ♾️🙌🏿🎁✨No matter what I will never forget where I’m from 🔗.” 

Additionally, the event, organised by his charitable organisation, the Usain Bolt Foundation, received a lot of support. Digicel, the event’s sponsor, and Usain’s A-Team record label also contributed to its smooth execution.

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