VADENUH Looking to Make His Mark in Dancehall “Golfa Lifestyle”

In the vibrant landscape of dancehall music, a new name is making waves—Artiste VADENUH. Born Yvad Adams on December 15, 1996, in the Downs community in Manchester, Jamaica, VADENUH is not just a deejay on the rise; he’s a story of inspiration, a testament to the power of music as a therapeutic force.

Early Life and Musical Influences

VADENUH, also known as “Top Golfa,” grew up in a nurturing environment, closely knit to his church, family, and friends. This grounding has been instrumental in shaping his character and, subsequently, his music. His earliest musical influences trace back to his childhood, where his father’s role as a musician in their church played a pivotal role in igniting VADENUH’s passion for music.

The church was more than just a place of worship for VADENUH; it was the incubator for his musical talent. The inspiration and encouragement he received from his father and the church community fueled his journey into the world of dancehall music.

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VADENUH’s Musical Journey

Among his works, the songs “Zone” and “My Story” hold a special place in VADENUH’s heart. They served as his solace, aiding him through life’s challenges and adversities. “Neon Balenciaga” marks another significant milestone in his career, the song that made him realize his star potential. For VADENUH, music is not just art—it’s his therapy, his escape, his expression.

Collaborating with P. SWAZY

The journey of VADENUH is intertwined with the expertise of producer P. SWAZY, a Toronto-based talent signed under the Brookbrovaz label in New York. P. SWAZY’s six years of industry experience and his collaborations with giants like VICELAND, MTV, NBC, and ESPN have shaped his vision and approach to music production.

With an ability to foster a collaborative environment, P. SWAZY empowers artistes like VADENUH to push the boundaries of their creativity. His deep understanding of media trends and audience preferences has made him a pivotal figure in VADENUH’s musical journey.

Future Aspirations


VADENUH aims to expand his horizons by collaborating with other musicians, performing at key dancehall events, and solidifying his presence within the dancehall community. Building a loyal fanbase is at the core of his aspirations, reflecting his dedication to his art and his audience.

P. SWAZY’s Vision

For P. SWAZY, the goal is to produce high-quality dancehall tracks that not only resonate with audiences but also achieve recognition on streaming platforms. His ambition to innovate within the dancehall genre showcases his commitment to excellence and originality.

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Influences and Inspirations

VADENUH draws inspiration from icons like Vybz Kartel and Masicka, while P. SWAZY looks up to industry giants like Metro Boomin and Rvssian. These influences underscore their dedication to their craft and their desire to leave a lasting impact on the dancehall scene.

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