Valentine’s Day Proposal Rejected, Then Accepted Minutes Later – Watch Video

In what was dubbed as “possibly the most chaotic proposal EVER,” a man decided to propose to his girlfriend in a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day, which led to a fight.

A video went viral on Twitter after being posted by Remel London to her Twitter account. London, who was on location to witness the proposal, captured the footage of a couple going through a rather rocky marriage proposal.


The man proposed to his girlfriend while a rendition of Bruno Mars’ Marry You blasted from the speakers at the restaurant who seemed to have been informed of the proposal beforehand. Seemingly shocked, the woman said no to the proposal which sparked an argument between her and her rejected lover.

In the midst of the squabble, the deejay/selector who was choosing the songs to play, decides to blare Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child after the woman’s rejection. The song selections seemed to be the highlight of the night for many Twitter users, as well as London, who was videoing herself (confused at the time) and the entire scene.

After their spat ended, the man proceeded to propose a second time, which was finally accepted by the disgruntled woman. The reason for the argument that ensued prior, is unknown.

The post was captioned, “Guys I can’t make this up!!! We saw a man propose, she said no… they argued for a SOLID half an hour and then… he proposed again!???!! #ValentineDay CHAOS!!!!!”

Watch the video below:

Alive with the chaos of the moment, someone tweeted, “The DJ’s song selection is finishing me 😂😂😂😂,” while a curious onlooker questioned, “Did she accept the 2nd time?”, to which the answer was “She said YESSSSS.”

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