Valiant Comments on the Hypocrisy That Artistes Face With Their Music – See Post

Undoubtedly 2022’s breakout artiste in dancehall, Valiant, born Raheem Bowes, quickly rose to fame after his slang “Kotch e Hat” went viral. But the young artiste proved that there was more to him than gimmicks and gained local and international recognition for his music.

Renowned fashion magazine Vogue named Valiant one of “The 9 Musicians Set to Take Over in 2023,” but the Speed Off deejay has also faced his share of criticism.


Minister of Information Robert Morgan called out Valiant’s hit single “Dunce Cheque” at the National Youth Month Church Service in November 2022, criticising the glorification of dunce culture. Valiant went on to address the minister in his song Scholar and later shared that he was not promoting the things he sang about but was making the type of music that people wanted to hear.

The discussions surrounding the criticism that Valiant and his fellow entertainers face were recently reignited with the circulation of a post calling out the hypocritical behaviour of music consumers. Citing the massive difference in viewership between Valiant’s Hall of Fame and his single Glock 40, Kane_2x called out viewers who complained about the state of dancehall music but showed no support for more conscious music.

“He released this (Hall of Fame) like a month ago, and it only got 418k, but when he dropped glock40 two weeks ago, it already has 2.2m views, smh. Then y’all complain bout dancehall gone down, but a unu same one a bring it down, cz y’all don’t wanna hear motivational/positive music,” Kane stated.

Valiant responded to Kane’s comment, writing, “I respect this so much facts yah talk.”

Music manager Romeich Major reposted the exchange, expressing similar sentiments.

“…. Media and so much people fuss say a artist do this and that but yet the same big people them nah spread the positive song in media and then you the people same one nah watch and share,” Major wrote.

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His post stirred responses from dancehall singer Cecile, who said the statements were facts and Ball Out singer Dovey Magnum, who said she experienced the same lack of support when she did not sing sexually explicit music.

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