Valiant Gets Mad After Hearing Popcaan’s Name Mentioned in a Vybz Kartel Song Playing Around Him, “Tun Off That” – Watch Video

At this point, Valiant seems to be the trending king with his music and his viral videos of him just being Valiant. The Rasta artiste is back at it again with another viral clip of him making its rounds on the internet this time it features him seemingly dissing his ex-friend and dancehall superstar Popcaan.

Valiant was on his usual live with supporters, fans and friends in the background cheering him on. The video in question started with the entertainer discussing his career and upcoming projects he plans to release, which include a song with Vybz Kartel and other unnamed entertainers.

The North Carolina hitmaker went on to talk about his album\project entitled Heaven Sent with Kartel’s song Gaza Commandment playing in the background, after which the music selection switched to Valiant’s controversial song Rasta. The artiste then told one of his friends that they should end the live with that song, the selector of the songs then played another Vybz Kartel song entitled Mobay Empire.

It was there all hell broke loose as the song Mobay Empire includes Kartel mentioning Popcaan’s name in the lyrics, Valiant was having none of it as he quickly told his friend, “play the right song, a weh di blood, hey boy tun off that wid da name in deh in a it enuh boy, hey tun off hey hey chu man, run Kartel nuh man.”

Valiant was clearly enraged after hearing Popcaan’s name being mentioned in that particular song, mainly because it was playing in the car he was occupying. The video ended at that point.

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After Valiant got his break in the dancehall scene, a video resurfaced, showing Popcaan apparently embarrassing Valiant in front of a live audience at a stage show and based on Valiant’s reaction to hearing Popcaan’s name, there seems to be some healthy beef between the two musicians.

See the video below:

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